Medical Group Suite of Services

Health Care Futures’ health system employed medical group suite of services reflects our firm’s deep understanding of the critical importance of a high performing aligned medical group to overall health system success.  This is a core focus of our firm, and inclusive of the following skills and related expertise:

        • Group strategy/formation:  Definition/confirmation of the “why” behind an employed provider model, and the “what” in terms of needed points of alignment with health system strategy.  Specific areas of focus include: 
          1. Quantification of strategic value proposition for employed medical group
          2. Assessment of medical group contribution sufficiency to health system performance
          3. Access/sizing and specialty composition appropriateness and opportunities
          4. Identification of growth opportunities and timing
          5. Geographic ambulatory distribution   
          6. Medical staff interface
          7. Community provider strategy and connectivity
          8. Board education on medical group integration and value performance
      • Governance/leadership:  Definition/assessment of medical group leadership sufficiency and effectiveness.  Specific areas of focus include:
        1. Medical group governance role and structure (e.g., committees, ties to health system)  
        2. Multispecialty interdependencies
        3. Provider compensation philosophy and model development/oversight 
        4. Physician leadership structure
        5. Physician leadership development
        6. Policies and procedures development
      • Compensation model assessment/development:  Assessment/development of provider compensation approach that provides equity across practices/subspecialties, is market competitive to attract and retain high value providers, is supportive of enterprise strategy, and is aligned with physicians’ unique goals/directives such as service line development, academic mission, leadership, etc.  Specific areas of focus include:
        1. Definition of the “Why” for needed compensation design change
        2. Planning collaborative facilitation
        3. Compensation policies definition 
        4. Change management process definition and facilitation
        5. Implementation support
        6. Management support
        7. Team based care delivery compensation considerations (use of APPs, APP compensation, etc.)
      • Group practice strategic payer positioning (CIN/ACO):  Assessment of medical group positioning strategy relative to local and state payer trends and dynamics.  Specific areas of focus include:
        1. Payer market assessments including ACO, Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and commercial product enrollments and trends
        2. Market area/regional direct to employer activities 
        3. CIN/ACO performance and/or opportunity assessments including feasibility, growth, provider compensation, governance 
        4. Risk performance at enterprise and medical group level
      • Performance assessment/turnaround: Diagnostic assessment of medical group performance across key operational, enterprise and strategic domains.  Specific areas of focus include:
        1. User forum facilitation
        2. Scorecard/standard tool development to gather consistent data 
  • Administrative support:  Provision of tools and objective third-party services including but not necessarily limited to:
  1. Compensation calculator and processor
  2. Compliance automation– tools under development to automate annual review
  • Data management:  Work with independent third-party data vendors in timely, comprehensive and accurate capture, analysis and reporting of provider specific clinical and compensation related performance data
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