Mergers, Acquisitions and Affiliations

The Health Care Futures senior team of consultants has facilitated numerous mergers, acquisitions and other affiliations between health care organizations with a principal focus on hospital-hospital, health system-hospital and medical group-hospital transactions. While the frequency of these assignments varies with business cycle industry dynamics, and external forces such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Health Care Futures continues to be a leading resource for this service nationally.

Our preferred approach is to represent all parties in a transaction; although in some cases we will represent a single entity in the negotiations. We often partner on such work with leading health care investment banks and major health care law firms.

Health Care Futures merger and acquisition services include:

  • Overall process facilitation
  • Business case assessment
  • “Clean room” in evaluating competitively sensitive information
  • Shared vision development
  • Organizational structure, governance and management design
  • Economic model design, if applicable
  • Guidance in negotiations and legal document drafting
  • Stakeholder education and communication
  • Coordination with internal and/or external legal advisors